“Grab & Go” Packaging Strategy When Exporting Food Products to China

Exporting Food Products to China

Hey there and welcome back to another post. Are you considering exporting food products to China market? Well, read on because we will be bringing to you some handy tips about this.

In today’s global markets, you simply cannot afford to ignore local customs and traditions. To not pay attention to each country’s nuances is to give your exports a quick fire route to failure. And that’s bad for business and your brand image.

A marketer would understand their audience habits, wants and needs, right? So you must also pay close attention to a markets cultural differences.

You might remember a commercial by one the big banks a few years ago. It was depicting a western banker having a business meeting with a board of Chinese businessmen. At the end of the meeting and a successful outcome, the western banker ate lunch with them. The meal served was a bowl of Eels. Not being a typical westerners meal, the westerner rejected the food as he couldn’t stomach it. But in doing so he insulted the Chinese businessmen. And the reason for the insult was because it was their custom to eat such a meal to celebrate a business deal. Until the western banker forced himself to eat the Eels, he risked losing the deal.

So that’s kind of the customs that we’re talking about. Ensure, when exporting to foreign cultures, that you know as much about their customs and any traditions.

Exporting Food Products to China

Therefore, we’d like to share this great little marketing tip, when exporting food products to China.

In China, they have a preference for convenience-sized packaging. And it’s called the “Grab and Go Packaging Strategy”.

You see, the people of China want convenience and ease of use. They want items that are nice and compact because that means “easier”.

They don’t want to waste time or effort with large and bulky food and beverage products.

So for example, selling Australian made ice cream in the usual 1 Liter tub, wouldn’t sell. It’s too big and heavy and therefore it wouldn’t sell. However, market the same ice cream in a 500ml tub, and it would fly off the shelves.

Here’s another example for you. In China, at the fuel pumps, customers want quick and easy food or drink from the Service Station store. A 170g carton of milkshake is not likely to sell but downsized to 130g and they would sell in no time at all.

And there are many more tips to give you as regards packaging food and beverage products for the China market. But I’ll save that for a future edition.

The Dynamic Retail Advantage

So if you’re doing your research ahead of exporting any food and beverage produce to China, be sure to consider the “Grab and Go’ strategy.

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