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Export to China – What You Need to Look for in a Retail Broker

Export to China – What You Need to Look for in a Retail Broker

When it comes to getting your products onto shelves or into export to China. Insider knowledge such as a retail broker is paramount. When considering export to China simple mistakes are both costly and time consuming, errors such as not meeting all packaging requirements or administration errors could set your product back six months. This […]

Working with Food Services: Selling to Restaurants

Selling food to restaurants can be a challenge at times. Here, we’re going to look at some of the steps commonly involved in working with food services and selling to restaurants. Getting to know local Resturants Introduce samples of food Make it easy to buy from you Working in the food service industry 1.     Getting […]

How Do I Sell my Products to Retailers?

How Do I Sell my Products to Retailers?

Throughout Australia, retailers have a limited amount of shelf space to offer suppliers. This means that it’s exceptionally difficult for smaller businesses to achieve listings into of new products into stores. If you want to make your product stand out, by placing it on the shelves of your favourite local, or international retailers, then you […]

Exporting Products to China and Passing Quarantine Laws

exporting food products to China

Hello and welcome back to Dynamic Retail Solutions. If you’re in the business of exporting food products to China, then this post is for you! You’re going to learn about how to get your food exports past China’s strict quarantine laws. So, you’re in the business of exporting food products to China, right? But wait, […]

Exporting for the Chinese Sweet Tooth

food exports to China

Welcome back to another Dynamic Retail post. And in today’s post, we’re talking about the Chinese Sweet Tooth. So if you’re looking at food exports to China and take advantage of their growing taste for sweet food, read on!

The Largest Food & Beverage Retailers in Australia

The Largest Food and Beverage Retailers in Australia

As Australians, we consider our great and vast land to be the lucky country, don’t we? And quite rightly so. We have wonderful wide open spaces. Great climates. Fantastic beaches and amazing cities. And with a growing population derived from many cultures, we are a diverse nation. So to support Australians, Australia has a vast range of Food […]

“Grab & Go” Packaging Strategy When Exporting Food Products to China

Exporting Food Products to China

Hey there and welcome back to another post. Are you considering exporting food products to China market? Well, read on because we will be bringing to you some handy tips about this.

Let’s go Global: Why Export your Food Products?

Let's go Global: Why Export your Food Products?

Why should you bother exporting food? Especially when you could focus on developing your local market instead? Sure, connecting with a nearby audience is generally easier. But no-one ever said that running a successful business should be simple. Exporting your food products allows you to magnify your sales potential by astronomical amounts. And this gives […]