Exporting Food and Beverages to China: Why You Need Specialist Help

Exporting Food and Beverages to China: Why You Need Specialist Help

As one of the biggest markets out there for Australian businesses, China could represent the perfect place for you to start growing your food company. Of course, being successful in China means figuring out how to successfully export your products to a new destination and get them on the shelves of a local retailer.

The trouble is, China has a multi-layered regulatory system to ensure the high quality and standards of the food they import. At the same time, when you’re used to working in an Australian market, you might not know much about appealing to the tastes of a Chinese audience. Here, we’re going to look at some of the reasons why you need specialist help exporting to China.

food export 1 Exporting Food and Beverages to China: Why You Need Specialist Help

1.     Appealing to A New Audience

The preferences that customers have in China aren’t necessarily the same as the ones evident in Australia. For instance, a lot of evidence seems to show that Chinese customers prefer sweet products to savoury items. This could mean that you need to re-think your recipe before you start exporting. At the same time, the way that Chinese customers like their items to be packaged is often different. People prefer “grab and go” boxes to bulk items.

Working with a specialist like Dynamic Retail means that you’ll know everything you need to know about the new market you’re entering, before you waste money on an investment that won’t work. We’ll even help you with an international buyer showcase, so you can show your products to potential retailers, and get useful feedback about any alterations you need to make.

IMG 1645 Exporting Food and Beverages to China: Why You Need Specialist Help

2.     Understanding the Regulatory Environment

The regulatory requirements in place for exports to China are incredibly strict. Working with a professional exportation company will help to make sure that your items don’t end up getting seized or destroyed before they ever have a chance to make it onto local shelves. We can make sure that your product complies with the food safety law, import and export commodity laws, and imported food filing regulations.

Additionally, we can also assist when it comes to making sure that your food products have the right labels to allow for exportation. All food products imported to China must provide product details in simplified Chinese characters. Labels must include:

  • Standard name of the food
  • Country of origin
  • Quality grade
  • Code of national standard
  • List of ingredients as percentage
  • Production date and best before date
  • Special contents

3.     Connecting with Potential Retailers

Finally, working with a specialist team like Dynamic Retail Solutions also means that you get access to an experienced brokerage company with strong connections to overseas retailers. We can help to get you through the door with the companies who are willing to sell your product for you, so that you instantly have a place on store shelves, before you ever start the exportation process.

We’ll conduct an audit of your product, let you know whether it’s right for the Chinese market, and use our vast network to make the right connection between you, and the retailer that’s most likely to get you the biggest share of profits.

Ready to take your product to China? Contact Dynamic Retail Solutions today!