Why Getting Involved with the Right Food Distributor Is Paramount to Your Products Retail Success

Why Getting Involved with the Right Food Distributor Is Paramount to Your Products Retail Success

Here at Dynamic Retail Solutions, we only work with the best, most impressive distributors and food or beverage industry experts when it comes to helping you expand your business. That’s why you can rest assured that any distributor we put you in contact with will have an extensive level of experience within your chosen market.

What is a Food Distributor?

Food Distributors are an often-misunderstood element of the food and beverages industry. A lot of companies know about them, but they don’t fully grasp what it is these experts do to boost sales and improve revenue for their organisation. Food distributors act as a kind of middleman between the manufacturer, or the person who produces the food, and the customer (or retailer). These individuals purchase a range of products, including products have grown directly on the farm, then sell them off to a range of customers, including food service businesses like restaurants, grocery stores, and supermarkets.

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A food distributor is particularly useful if you have a high volume of produce to sell. These individuals can reduce the amount of labour you need to put into directly marketing your products, and can also assist with the other complications that might arise when you decide to sell products directly from your warehouse.

What are the Different Kinds of Food Distributors?

There are many different kinds of food distributors. Some distributors purchase a range of different organic and conventional products, while some specialise in organic food, local produce, or beverages.

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Do you Need a Specialty Distributor?

Different distributors can have different specialties when it comes to the types of food they’re willing to sell, and the wholesale accounts they’re happy to serve. For instance, if you’re considering selling artisan cheese, then you might want to talk to distributors who work with craft food markets, and cheesemongers. On the other hand, if your business is all about wine, then you might need to look at an entirely different type of food distributor.

Ultimately, your chances of success come down to knowing your ultimate goals for distribution and finding the professionals who can deliver. Look for distributors who have a good reputation, and can sell to accounts that are valuable to you. You may even need a

What Business Connections Should My Product Distributor Have?

The right distributor can help you to get the most out of your business by creating connections with important groups that you might not have the chance to do business with otherwise.

In some cases, particularly challenging buyers will only connect with distributors, rather than speaking to individual manufacturers. This is because larger brands often believe that working with a food distributor is a sign that you’re a professional, and experienced individual. Plus, distributors have been building relationships with retailers for a number of years. They’re not starting from scratch with cold calls.

So, why is taking advantage of the connections that a food distributor can offer you so important? In simple terms, because of the extra connections a food distributor has, he or she can help you to move more product, and earn bigger sales by selling in greater volumes.

What do you Need to Know Before Working with a Distributor?

The perfect food and beverage distributor for your company will generally depend on the specific needs that you must address. For instance, you might need to consider the variety that your food and beverage distributor offers. It’s also worth considering working with food and beverage distributors who can offer you solutions when you see that your excess inventory starts to grow to dangerous levels.

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No matter which distributor you choose to work with, you should always make sure that they can not only offer you the services that you need – but a relationship that you can trust. After all, when a large part of your company’s success rests on the reliability of your distributor, you need to be sure that you’re comfortable with the person, or people involved. Find someone who can help with everything from everyday concerns, to life-changing business improvements.

What should your Business Have Prepared Before Making the Call?

The simple answer to this question is that you’ll need to be sure that your products and processes for production meet the requirements of your chosen distributor. In other words, you’ll need to have a:

  • Legal product: You’ll have to ensure that the regulations in your local area mean that your product can be legally sold. You should check with your Department of Health and your Department of Agriculture if you’re not sure.
  • Proper documentation: The kind of documentation that you’ll need to get to work will vary depending on the type of distributor you’re working with. However, most will appreciate it if you have a food safety plan in place, as well as evidence to show that you’re creating your products according to the best industry standards. You’ll also need product liability insurance and certificates that help to back up the claims that you make about your product. For example, you might need organic certification if you’re trying to sell organic produce.
  • Packaging: You can speak to your distributor in depth about how they would prefer your item to be packaged. Most of these experts are responsible for handling products in bulk, and that means that they need to have options available for handling and protecting products efficiently. Packing needs to be standardized and durable in terms of weight for each box.
  • Labels: Finally, your product will need to be labelled with everything from your own private branding, to a specific lot number so that distributors can trace the product back to you. You may also need to include a list of ingredients.

Are Food Distributors Worth the Investment?

For small businesses looking to expand in the food industry, a food distributor can seem like an expensive and large investment. However, when you consider the various benefits that they can deliver, then it’s easy to see that a distributor delivers more value than they consume. By giving you the opportunity to truly start growing your brand, your food distributor can help you make the most of your business in ways that you might not have been able to accomplish alone.

Should I Consider Using Multiple Distributors?

First of all, when it comes to taking the next step in your business, it’s worth noting that there could be more than one group of people who are willing to buy and sell your products. Think about whether you’d prefer to get involved with food service companies like high-end restaurants and cafes, or in retail with deli counters and other local areas.

How to Start Working with a Food Distributor?

The easiest way to start working with a food distributor is to get in touch with Dynamic Retail Solutions. Once you’ve spoken to us, we’ll help to find a distributor that works for your specific needs. From there, you’ll be able to get to know the terms of your contract and ask any questions before you sign the papers to begin your new relationship.