How to Get Your Product on Supermarket Shelves

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For small businesses and producers, few things are more exciting than the opportunity to get your product on supermarket shelves. Appearing in the right supermarket not only gives you more avenues for sales, but it also boosts your brand too. When people see your product next to other market leaders, they’ll know you’re trustworthy and credible.

Of course, with so many different producers competing for a place in local stores, earning your spot can be tough. Here, we’re going to look at a few ways you can improve your chances of a supermarket showcase for your product.

1.     Know Your Market

Preparation is often the key to success. As a business owner, entrepreneur, or creative mind, you’ll need to make sure there’s a need for your product before you take it to market. A good way to get an insight into your position is with a market audit. When you audit the industry, you get an in-depth view of the current marketplace, and where your product fits into the existing puzzle.

Once you understand your market space, you can dive deeper with research into the specific supermarket retailer you want to work with. Find out who they serve, what kind of price points they use, and whether there are specific packaging guidelines you’ll need to follow.

2.     Make Your Product Stand Out

Once you’ve learned everything there is to know about your retailer, it’s time to show them that you’re the producer they’ve been looking for. Whether you’re taking part in a pitch meeting or an international buying showcase, you’ll need to ensure you have a differentiation plan ready. This means finding a way to separate your product from the items that already exist in the market.

If you’re selling a food product, it’s often a good idea to target a specific angle with your pitch. For instance, focus on the health benefits of the item, or the unique ingredients you use. Highlight your “return on investment” potential and emphasise how your brand is different from others in your niche.

3.     Demonstrate your Value

When it comes to getting your product on supermarket shelves, remember that your retailer will have specific goals they want to accomplish. Don’t approach a retailer and tell them all about how great a collaboration would be for you. Find out what the long and short-term goals of the supermarket are. This will help you to tailor your pitch to what your retailer is looking for.

For instance, if your supermarket wants to expand their offering of local, healthy food, you can market your product as an Australian-grown superfood substance. You can also look at how your product might be cross-promoted with other supermarket inventory. Mockup display options, create an advertising strategy, and help supermarkets to visualise your products on their shelves.

Bonus Tip: Get the Right Help

Finally, remember that you don’t have to approach the challenge of selling to supermarkets alone. Retailing experts like:

  • Food distributors
  • Exporting services
  • Food and beverage brokers

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…and more, can all help you to improve your chances of a successful collaboration. For instance, some retailers would much rather work with a distributor than an individual producer. Distributors and supermarkets often have close relationships based on mutual trust. Working with a distributor could open doors that you could never unlock on your own.

On the other hand, if you want to place your product on supermarket shelves outside of Australia, an exporting professional will help you to prepare the right strategy. There are different rules and regulations to follow with every market, and an exportation service makes it easier to get ahead of the curve.

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If you want to improve your chances of getting on supermarket shelves, reach out to Dynamic Retail Solutions and Steve Wooten on +61 424 503 837. We’ll help you find the strategy that suits you.