How to Attract the Chinese Market to Your Australian Product

How to Attract the Chinese Market to Your Australian Product

Knowing how to attract the Chinese Market To Your Australian Products could be the ultimate way to boost profits. if you’re not already taking advantage of this billion-dollar market, this could be the perfect time to think about how you can appeal to customers from overseas. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1.     Know that Every Customer is Different

While you can always use demographic information and statistics to help guide your sales strategies, it’s important to remember that no two consumers are alike. Everyone wants to be treated as a unique individual when they encounter your brand, so make sure that you’re prepared to offer an exceptional, personalised experience regardless of what your customer is looking for. If your product comes with a customer service number, make sure that someone on the other end knows how to speak Mandarin.

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2.     Accept Familiar Payment Methods

Whether you’re selling online or through a distributor, make sure that you give your Chinese customers the opportunity to pay you in a way that’s convenient for them. The last thing someone wants to do is worry about using a new form of payment when they’re interacting with a brand that they don’t yet know if they can trust. By accepting a familiar payment method, you can help your new Chinese consumers to feel more comfortable buying from you.

3.     Celebrate Your Australian-Made Product

Many Australian companies who want to sell products in the Asian market assume that they should be changing their designs to make their items seem more “Chinese”. However, the truth is that most of your Asian customers will be looking for something completely different to what they can get at home. Visitors from China in Australia have a taste for high-quality locally-made products, so make sure that you celebrate the fact that you’re distinctly Australian. Even a little bit of research online should be enough to convince you that European and Australian products are in high-demand in China.

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4.     Offer Something Unique

As countless new products emerge on the market every day, you can’t expect to sell something mundane and catch the eye of the Chinese market. Whether it’s visitors from overseas or people browsing online for something interesting to spend their money on, many Chinese spenders will want to splash their cash on something that’s completely unique. Try to draw attention to whatever makes your product different from anyone else’s.

5.     Encourage Word of Mouth Marketing

Finally, although there are plenty of different forms of advertising available to use in the modern marketplace, none are quite as effective as word of mouth. One of the most powerful marketing tools in the world today, word of mouth marketing helps to convince new customers that they can trust you, without you having to spend thousands of dollars on complicated advertorials and campaigns. When you’re getting involved with word of mouth marketing, make sure that you encourage people to share reviews on popular Chinese social channels, as well as the ones we use in the Western world.

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