How to Wow at your International Food Buying Showcase

How to Wow at your International Food Buying Showcase

Pitching your food product to new investors or buyers is difficult enough in local territories, where you already have the advantage of being familiar with laws, regulations, and tastes. If you take that process a step further and decide to sell your produce to people from other parts of the world – then you’re opening yourself up to a whole new set of complications.

Of course, as challenging as it can be to move your product into a new market, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make the effort. After all, jumping into a new market gives you the opportunity to sell your product to a host of new potential consumers, potentially causing your profits to skyrocket. But, if you want to start off making the right impression, then you need to know how to wow your potential prospects straight away.

An international food buying showcase can give you the perfect opportunity to allow possible new customers to test your food for themselves, and enjoy whatever you have to offer, but how do you make sure that your pitch really counts?

1.   Sell Something Exciting

If you want to make new investors sit up and take notice, then you need to make sure that you’re bringing something interesting to the table. Ensure that you’ve discovered the unique selling point of your product long before you start arranging your international buying showcase. If you know exactly how to draw attention to the special parts of whatever you’re selling, you’re sure to grab the attention of your new audience with much less trouble.

If you can, you might even consider looking into your new market for a gap that needs to be filled and coming up with a unique way to promote your product as a solution to an existing problem.

2.   Examine the Available Trends

One of the best ways to shine in front of an international audience is to show that you’ve done your research. Check out the latest trends in their market and draw attention to the way that your product blends perfectly with those points during your pitch.

For instance, if you’re hosting an international buying showcase for Chinese investors, then you might want to draw attention to the unique flavours that you’re offering – flavours that have been proven to be particularly popular with that demographic. On the other hand, you may choose to pull focus towards the grab & go nature of your packaging, or the fast and convenience cooking solutions your customers can use.

3.   Be Prepared

There’s nothing worse than creating the perfect platform to pitch your product from, just to find that you don’t have anything to say. You need to be sure that you’ve prepared yourself for any of the potential questions that your buyers might ask you, and you also need to put significant effort into creating a sales pitch that answers the questions they don’t mention.

For instance, remember to cover the ingredients that are included in your product, and how you’ve taken steps to make sure that you follow the laws and regulations of the local area. Point out the changes that you’ve made to packaging for your new market, and how you’re going to help your new investors make more money when they sell your product.

4.   Be Engaging

Finally, make sure that you don’t just give your buyers the same old pitch.

An international buying showcase is a chance to stand out to new markets – giving them the opportunity to sample your product and see your business from a brand-new perspective. Don’t ruin your chances by offering a cookie-cutter pitch that hasn’t been carefully addressed and tailored to your target audience.

Make sure that you find ways to engage your audience with unique tasting opportunities, displays, and presentations. The more you can make your product stand out, the more likely you are to leave with their interest, and their investments.

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