What Does a Retail Buyer Actually Do?

What Does a Retail Buyer Actually Do?

If you’re launching your own business in Australia, you’ll soon find yourself working with a host of different experts. For instance, you might have an account manager that helps to ensure that you’re always on track towards your company goals. You could work alongside a food distributor, to help build your connections with the stores both in your local area and overseas. One often misunderstood person in the business growth journey, is the retail buyer.

A retail buyer is someone that you’ll interact with, either through your distributor or directly in the food and beverage industry. These experts are the essential point of contact between you, and a new space on a retail shelf.

So, what is a retail buyer, and what do they do?

retail market audit What Does a Retail Buyer Actually Do?

What is a Retail Buyer (and Why Does It Matter to You)?

Retail buyers are the people responsible for choosing products sold in a retail store. They’re given a budget to work with, and the task to pick products based on the trends in demand among modern customers. While interacting with these individuals might seem simple enough at first, it’s worth noting that retail buyers have incredibly high standards. They know exactly what they’re looking for, and they won’t settle for anything less.

A retail buyer’s decisions are dictated by a number of factors. They consider the trends in the marketplace, the style of the store that they’re buying for, and the brand that they’re trying to build. A buyer actually has one of the most important jobs in the retail industry, because they choose how a company evolves.

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How to Work with Retail Buyers

Just like a food service expert, or an exportation company, a retailer buyer is someone you’ll need to learn how to work with if you’re going to grow your organisation. At Dynamic Retail Solutions, we offer retail buyer services to help you ensure that you’re ready to move into your new marketplace or take the next step in your current space.

Retail buyers always have one eye on the now, and one eye on the future. They know that their company’s chances of success rest on their shoulders, which is why they can be so difficult to impress without the right help. Support from a company with expertise in retail buyer services can ensure that you don’t miss your chance to excel in your local retail store.

For instance, we can work alongside food and beverage companies to conduct a market audit. A market audit is a way to determine whether your product will have the right impact both on your marketplace, and the retail buyers you encounter. A retail audit from DRS includes:

  • A competitive environment synopsis
  • Tips on pricing for your retail area
  • Preferred packaging configurations
  • Retailer distribution agreements
  • Retailer feedback and insights

Preparing to Work with a Retail Buyer

Ultimately, the best way to make sure that you’re prepared to work with retail buyers is to ensure that you have support from the right team. The more you know about your product, your marketplace, and the customers you’re selling to, the easier it will be for you to make a lasting impression on any retail professional you encounter.

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