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Tips for Selling to a Food Service Business

Thanks to the complex and broad nature of the food service industry, it’s important for those with a passion for business to consider the steps they’ll need to take to achieve success within their chosen organisation. If you want to give your product the best chances of gaining profits and consumer trust, then you need to know the essentials of selling a food to the services business.

Dynamic Retail Solutions can deliver the expertise that your product needs to gain new opportunities in the marketplace, regardless of whether you’re targeting delis, fast food places, or restaurants. However, it’s worth making sure that you know a few simple tips for ensuring your product appeals to the right food service business too, to ensure that your journey to success begins on the right track.

1. Know your Trade

First and foremost, to become a successful food service business, you need to understand your trade. In other words, you need to know exactly why you’re selling a particular product, how you’re getting that product to market, and who your target audience is. A few questions to ask yourself before you approaching food service businesses might include:

  • Why am I selling this product: Is your product popular within your chosen area? Do you have evidence that you’ll be able to make a profit selling in your chosen format?
  • Who am I going to sell through: Can you use distributors to help you sell through cafes, schools, restaurants, hotels, and delis? Trying to get your food product into the service industry by yourself can be very complex.
  • Who is my target market: Knowing your target market, from hungry commuters to school-children, will help you to determine who DRS should partner with in the food service industry to sell your product.

If you specifically want to sell to a particular food service business, then it’s worth doing your research and finding out exactly what they look for when partnering with a supplier or manufacturer.

2. Know Your Regulations

Food service businesses need to adhere to a number of rules in order to maintain their license and ensure that they’re selling safe products. If you want your food service businesses to take you seriously, then you should be aware of the different rules and regulations that need to be followed in your chosen industry.

Research everything from packaging, to manufacturing methods before you begin building and developing your food product. This will help to ensure that you surpass all the necessary food safety standards in place for your product to sell well to your chosen market.

3. Know the Right People

Finally, as we mentioned above, achieving success in the food industry is a lot about who you know, as well as what you know. At Dynamic Retail Solutions, we focus on offering our customers access to an extensive network of retailers, distributors, and brokers, so that they can make the most of the varied food service business network.

If you have an item that you could sell to the food service industry, then simply approaching a host of different companies by yourself could be a time-consuming and often frustrating process. After all, all companies prefer to do businesses with groups that they already trust. We can help you to bypass the complications of building relationships in your industry by ensuring that you have instant access to a network of people who are ready to buy your products.

All you need to do to get started is complete our simple contact form and supply a short background into the history of your company and product. From there, we can get in touch with you and start to build a path to success that works for your specific business or product.

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