Take Away Coffee Cup Art

Take Away Coffee Cup Art

Take away coffee cups have become an art form for Sydney-based designer and brand architect Paul Garbett. Every morning Paul has a caffeine habit to start his workday, however unlike most people, instead of disposing of the take away coffee cups, he turns them into an art project titled ‘Cuppaday.’ Garbett paints.

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Paul’s take away coffee cup art is different in each piece of art, he draws on the cups and cuts them up, constructing imaginative characters and scenarios with the help of toys and props. Some of his creations include Batman, a jack-o-lantern, a ghost, a snowman and a smoke-spewing factory tower. Paul uses his iPhone 5 with available natural light to create the images; which are then shared to Instagram then the Tumblr.

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Pauls take away coffee cup art inspiration came to him naturally, whilst on the phone he found himself doodling faces on coffee cups, he took a picture, uploaded it to social media and the project grew from there.

“I approach them as a creative thinking exercise where the coffee cup is the canvas and the challenge is to keep doing something different with them.” says Garbett. “I tend to be inspired by events or experiences in my immediate environment. There are many examples of this in the collection: the ‘wax cup’ made around my birthday, the halloween collection, autumn (fall) leaves etc.”

Paul’s dream is to create a coffee table book one day. Considering all the love that the project it could surely make for a great table decoration or present.

To Check out some of Pauls creative coffee cup art click the link below and follow his blog to keep up and see a new creative cup design each day.


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