Market Audits

retail market audit 1 1 Retail Market Audits

A great way to find out whether retail buyers would be interested and want your product is to conduct a one-month market research program!

  • Competitive environment synopsis (brands, products and pricing)
  • Preferred packaging configuration
  • Target retail price points for various size/configurations
  • Retailer feedback and insights
  • Retailer review dates
  • Retailer required margins
  • Retailer required trading terms
  • Retailer distribution requirements

At the end of the market research DRS will provide our client with a go to market strategy tailored by retailer, which will formulate a 100-day implementation plan.

retail market audit Retail Market AuditsIf there is little or no interest from the buying retail fraternity we will advise of the next steps and we will even advise to pull the project if needed.

This is a cost efficient way of conducting market research before spending too much money if the project needs re-calibrating.

If we believe in the product as a concept after the completion of the market research, both parties may want to enter into an agreement where DRS will represent your brand with nominated retailers domestically and internationally. (Where applicable)

If you are interested in having a market research analysis completed or would like to know more please contact Steve Wootten on +61 424 503 837

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