Paper or Foam: What’s the Best Option for Takeaway Coffee Cups?

Paper or Foam: What's the Best Option for Takeaway Coffee Cups?

If you’re a company working in the hospitality sector, then there’s a good chance you spend a lot of time using takeaway coffee cups. These disposable cups are not only more hygienic than their porcelain counterparts, but they can also have a higher return on investment, thanks to the fact that your customers can carry your cups with them wherever they go. Lightweight, durable, and easy to transport, Takeaway Coffee Cups can have more of an impact on your brand than you might think. This is particularly true if you take the time to design your cups with logos and slogans that represent your business. The question is, are you better off investing in paper cups, or sticking to Styrofoam?

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Paper is the Popular Trend

If you spend a lot of time visiting cafes, restaurants and coffee shops, then you’re probably already aware of the definite shift towards “paper” products over plastic and foam. While some organisations still use plastic disposable cups – particularly for cold drinks, these solutions are often made from post-consumer recycled products. In other words, the plastic in each cup is recycled and used time, and time again.

Support for the environment is one of the main reasons why people consider “paper” to be the best option for most takeaway coffee cups. However, it’s worth noting that all manufacturing processes have an environmental impact, so you can’t make your decision on which cup to use based on this factor alone. If you can truthfully tell your customers that you’ve done what you can to reduce your carbon emissions, you should be able to earn their loyalty.

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Paper or Foam for Insulation?

Insulation is one of the biggest concerns facing companies that serve hot and cold beverages in the hospitality industry. When you pour someone a cup of coffee or tea, you want to know that they’ll be able to comfortably sip at that drink without burning their hands. Historically, Styrofoam cups have always been the better insulator. These products are specifically designed to resist extreme cold and heat, which make them a great solution for companies who want to avoid the “double cupping” situation often presented by paper cups.

However, it’s also fair to say that paper cup manufacturers have begun to find new ways of adding extra insulation to their designs too. For instance, ripple-cups, or cups with beveling on the outside that protect the hands protect customers in a way that’s like using a paper or cardboard sleeve with takeaway coffee cups.

Paper cups can also be coated with special polymer to make them more resistant to heat, although this sometimes has an impact on their ability to be recycled.

Choosing the Right Takeaway Coffee Cups

Ultimately, the decision of whether plastic, paper or foam cups are right for your business will depend on several personal factors, including the preferences of your customers, and your brand. It’s up to you to make sure that the cups you create are designed to delight your consumers.

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