How Much Do Food Brokers Cost?

How much do food brokers make?

Here at Dynamic Retail Solutions, one of the first questions that we’re always asked is “how much do you charge?”

And it’s a valid question of course.

Like any service of value, a Food Broker brings many benefits to both existing & new businesses food and beverage business.

Dynamic Retail Solutions provides FMCG manufacturers food & beverage brokerage services. We assist companies to grow into the future, irrespective of the size of that business or where they are at in their business journey.

We are Australia’s leading food and beverage broker company & for good reason.

The reason we can achieve such high standards of service & maintain them is because we only work with a select number of brands per year.

This strategy, allows us to focus on delivering amazing results for our clients, which directly impacts the sales of products for the selected businesses, that we work with.

We’ll work with you to manage and present your products to retailers. This ensures that your products have a presence in the market & therefore achieve sales success.

It’s important to realise that our founders Steve & Pete, have worked in this industry for 50+ years. They know the buyers very well & the buyers know them. They understand the retail from end-to-end.

It goes without saying that Pete and Steve have built up incredible reputations in this industry & they know exactly who to speak with. Pete and Steve talk the buyer’s language and they’re very hands on guys. So they know what works.

Dynamic Retail Solutions is an investment in your business.

Because it’s their 50-years’ experience and their relationships with the likes of Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, BIG W, Kmart, Priceline, Amcal, Guardian, & Independent Supermarkets.

In fact, it is this investment that gets your products moving off the shelves and into the hands of your customers.

So in answer to the original questions…

How Much Do Food Brokers Charge? & What Percentage Do Food Brokers Make?

… Food brokers typically charge a monthly retainer fee or a percentage of the sales they help you to achieve.

The higher of the two values is usually the investment your business will make.

As a rule of thumb, Dynamic Retail Solutions charge $5000 per month or 5% for branded product and less for private label. The reason is that there are fewer margins in Private Label.

Let’s do some numbers …

To hire a National Account Manager internally at your business, you will be looking at a cost of approximately $100k – $150k per annum (for a half decent one).

But with this arrangement, you’re only getting one person to manage everything for you & no one person will know how to manage local retailers, export opportunities, all on their own.

When you work with Dynamic Retail Solutions, your account is managed by a team of industry specialists, including Steve, Pete, Jeff & the rest of the team.

The Dynamic Retail solutions team will manage both your domestic and international sales, along with assisting you with other opportunities they discover whilst you work together.

So, to wrap this up …

Food brokers are a much more cost-effective option for your business.

Highly experienced food brokers, like Dynamic Retail Solutions, will save you money, by helping you to avoid costly mistakes that you could make on your own.

And lastly & probably most importantly, a company like Dynamic Retail Solutions, will open many more doors for your business & your products, that you have probably not even thought of yet …

So, if you’re ready to get started, please feel to give Steve a call today on 0424 503 837.