What Is a Food & Beverage Broker?

What Is a Food and Beverage Broker?

A food and beverage broker is a ‘sales professional‘. Dynamic Retail Solutions act as a ‘sales professional team. They do this for various wholesale manufacturers. Your business could be one of them.

Dynamic Retail Solutions are a food and beverage broker. And wholesale manufacturers use food and beverage brokers for two reasons:

  1. to get their products on the shelves of retailers,
  2. to ultimately, get products into the hands of their target customers.

Dynamic Retail Solutions are an ‘independent team’. We negotiate sales for food & beverage producers and manufacturers.

So, we work with all the major retailers in Australia. These include Woolworths, Coles, Kmart, Aldi , 7 Eleven, BP. Not only them but many of the independent supermarkets too.

And we only work with a select number of brands each year. This allows us to focus on delivering amazing results. And that directly impacts the sale of your products.

Today‘s food and beverage market demand fast moving consumer goods (FMCG’s). And this applies globally! FMCG’s are sold quickly and at a relatively low cost.

So in today‘s climate consumers want products that are bought frequently. Demand is high for everyday products.

This include:

  • food
  • beverages
  • household items such as health and beauty products
  • dairy and frozen goods

and so much more.


Food and Beverage Broker. How Can Dynamic Retail Help You?

We offer sales expertise to both private label and brand manufacturers. We also assist importers, exporters, and distributors.

Therefore we’ll work with you to manage and present your products to retailers. Both here and overseas.

Our Point of Difference

Pete & Steve are the founders of Dynamic Retail. They have worked in the food and beverage broker industry for over 50 years.

The great result of this is that they know the buyers & the buyers know them. They are both ex Senior Buyers of Coles Supermarkets.

They talk the buyer’s language and know what works. They’re hands on. Steve and Pete represent you at the coal face. And that’s another dynamic advantage.

Because it’s their experience and their relationships with customers. They deal with:

  • Supermarkets
  • Petrol and Convenience
  • Pharmacy and big box retailers

Our point of difference gets our customers products off shelves and through the checkouts.

Dynamic Retail has great attention to detail. We treat your brand as if it were our own. So we make sure our team knows your company and your brand inside out.

We love brands!

What excites us?

It’s getting new and existing brands. Then taking them from whiteboard to reality. And it’s seeing consumers buy those brands. It’s also putting them in the hands of Australian family households.

That’s what excites us!

What Fosters Group Are Saying about Dynamic Retail

In June 2011 the Fosters business was declining rapidly. They required a quick and rapid turn around.

Have a listen to Mike Roberts, National Business Manager at Fosters Group. Mike explains the problems faced by Fosters Group. Then Mike talks about the solutions needed for Fosters Group. Mike then explains how Dynamic Retail helped turn the business around.


Our Retail Coverage Includes:

woolworths logo What Is a Food & Beverage Broker?coles logo What Is a Food & Beverage Broker?aldi logo What Is a Food & Beverage Broker?costco logo What Is a Food & Beverage Broker?supa iga foodworks logo What Is a Food & Beverage Broker?others logo What Is a Food & Beverage Broker?

Are you ready to get started with Dynamic Retail? To make them your preferred food and beverage broker? Then let’s start the conversation!

Dynamic Retail Also Offer These Services:

Exporting Services:

We represent clients and their products to global export markets. We’ve got a vast experience in target selection. And not only that but in negotiating with retailers & distributors.

Our clients, therefore, open up new product channels and revenue streams.

Therefore our relationships reach many international offices.

This network supports us. For example, expert local knowledge on market trends and buyer contacts.

We also support clients with product marketing facilitation. This is achieved through various local and international “Trade events”. As a result, International buyers get to see Australian products.

But we’re not only having success in local markets. We’ve successfully launched client products to export markets too. This creates international brand awareness and opening new revenue streams.

Quit Stock Services:

If you have:

  • liquidator stock holdings
  • unwanted or returned stock problems

we can help.

Quit Stock is Dynamic Retail Solutions specialty. We support our clients with clearance facilitation of quit stock. Not only that, but any overstock inventory too. We’ve helped many manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. We help them turn unwanted stock into a new revenue stream. Dynamic Retail Solutions can help your business. We help you solve excess stock issues. The outcome is freeing up valuable retail and warehouse space.

So we have a vast network of buyers in Australia and overseas. And they are ready to pay cash for your excess stock. Our team can facilitate the sale of surplus stock. But not only that but also an end of life/quit stock. We can achieve this across ANY Retail and Wholesale categories. This includes:

  • Food & Beverages
  • Liquor
  • Vitamins, Minerals, & Supplements
  • Health & Beauty
  • Personal Care
  • Jewellery
  • Apparel
  • Toys and Sporting Goods
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Homewares
  • Office Supplies
  • Furniture
  • Hardware

So are you now ready to have a conversation with us?


Then please contact us right away!