Exporting Products to China and Passing Quarantine Laws

exporting food products to China

Hello and welcome back to Dynamic Retail Solutions. If you’re in the business of exporting food products to China, then this post is for you! You’re going to learn about how to get your food exports past China’s strict quarantine laws.

So, you’re in the business of exporting food products to China, right? But wait, before you begin this, you must first be aware of CIQ!

I’m Exporting Food Products to China. What Is CIQ?

CIQ is China Inspection and Quarantine.

So like most countries, there are rules and regulations about imports and exports. And China is no different.

CIQ is the one thing that stands between your products and store shelves in China. It’s pretty big, right! CIQ will either see your produce rejected or in the hands of your loyal Chinese consumer.

But the pain doesn’t end there if you can’t meet CIQ regulations. If you send produce to China that isn’t CIQ compliant, it will remain in Chinese customs. It will remain in storage at YOUR cost, until such time, you meet the requirements of CIQ.

CIQ sits directly beneath the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection, and Quarantine – AQSIQ. AQSIQ is one of the big players in Chinese quality management. There are 35 CIQ offices which have a presence in 31 provinces in China. And each one of them works closely with laboratories, local offices and other entities. Their role is to ensure the quality of products exported to China.

So, be aware of the means that control quality standards and certifications in China. AQSIQ is one of the major quality management institutes in China. And every exporter should be aware of AQSIQ before they ship goods to China.

Declarations and Certifications

There are occasions when Chinese customs seize the goods of foreign exporters. Let’s say your produce is missing certifications and Chinese customs seize it. You have two options. Firstly you could either provide a CIQ Declaration. Or secondly, you could provide the missing documents.

So it pays to be 100 per cent clear about what certifications you need before you ship your produce to China.

You must provide the following documents when you apply for a CIQ-declaration:

  • An introduction to your company
  • Product information and arguments why you can declare your goods
  • Safety compliance declaration
  • Quota certificates
  • Business license
  • Importing license

But of course, Dynamic Retail Solutions can help you. We’ll help you provide a CIQ-declaration or clear customs if certifications are not needed. A granted CIQ declaration allows you to import goods to China if approved by customs.

Inspections-And Labels

Regulations are ever changing in China with regards to CIQ. So it pays to be fully aware of any changes that take place.

Before any food produce enters China, the produce must be clearly marked with a CIQ label. The CIQ label will consist of:

  • Name and content of the product
  • Name and of the producer
  • Ingredient list
  • Date when produced and shelf life
  • Instructions how to use it

You can visit CIQ’s website for more information or contact Dynamic Retail Solutions. We have the expertise to ensure that you get your food or beverage produce into China. So contact us TODAY!