Export 101: Selling Food to China the Easy Way

Export 101: Selling Food to China the Easy Way

China represents one of the biggest markets in the world for food manufacturers. However, most companies have no idea how to make the leap from selling in Australia, to being successful in China. Not only do you need to find a way to get in touch with sellers across the seas who are willing to place your product on their shelves, but you also need to work through a range of complicated importation and exportation laws, food safety regulations, and more.

These specific challenges mean that it’s generally much more effective and efficient for Australian companies to seek out a professional food exportation service to help them get their products into international markets.

Jumping into the Chinese Market

Experienced food exportation experts and brokers like Dynamic Retail can assist companies in making that all-important step into international selling. Not only does Dynamic Retail understand exactly what kind of packaging considerations you might need to think about for the Chinese market, but they can help you understand the specific regulations to ensure your product meets Chinese importation/customs requirements to allow ranging in China.

Exportation is a fantastic way for modern food businesses to grow and operate across the world. China is constantly on the search for unique and healthy food products that they can sell to literally millions of new customers, meaning that your profits could increase dramatically in almost an instant.

Exportation experts like Dynamic Retail can help you understand the various steps that you need to take in order to sell food into the Chinese market with as much ease as possible. What’s more, they can even help to promote stronger relationships with your Chinese buyers by hosting international food buying showcases.

Dynamic Retail showcases provide a platform for your products to be viewed and sampled by our extensive network of potential buyers from China.

Getting Ready to Export

Getting ready to export your products to the Chinese market simply means thinking carefully about your aims as a business, and your available connections. With Dynamic Retail, you can make sure that you have a profitable market set up to move into, and all the information you need to make positive decisions about your future. Your international buying showcase will give you an opportunity to promote your brand and create long-standing relationships essential to your exportation future.

Our exportation service can help you to connect with the people that you need in your corner for a successful international expansion. From planning packaging changes (Chinese customers generally prefer smaller packages), to changing colours and marketing efforts, there are a lot of small steps to be considered.

Working with a Knowledgeable Team

Although making decisions about packaging and marketing concerns can be a complex process, one of the most challenging aspects of exportation is understanding the complexities involved in laws and regulations. Dynamic Retail Solutions can professionally represent their food clients and assist with their expansion to global markets.

With Dynamic Retail, you get instant access to pre-established relationships with various federal and Australian state government departments that assist with the sale and promotion of Australian-manufactured products to a range of international consumers.

Dynamic retail can also support you with trade events on an international and local scale that can focus on supporting and demonstrating Australian products in the presence of numerous international buyers.

As with many things in life, exporting products to china the easy way is more about “who” you know than “what” you know. To start your journey with a reliable, and experienced company today, contact Steve on +61424 503 837.