Everything You Need to Know to Get Your Product onto Supermarket Shelves

Everything You Need to Know to Get Your Product onto Supermarket Shelves

For any producer of retail products, getting onto supermarket shelves can be an arduous task. After all, the competition is stiff, and now more than ever, supermarkets are forcing suppliers to offer better products at lower prices with the best packaging they can afford.

So, without having a world of resources and money available to you, how can you go about getting your product into supermarkets and in front of retail customers? Dynamic Retail Solutions is your trusted partner for solutions that target supermarkets in Australia, which means we have the guidance and expertise you can use to help launch your product to retail success.

But, this can only happen if you know how to navigate the commercial food supply chain landscape.

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Study your Competitors

There are good reasons why your competitors have seen the success they’ve seen with their products. They may produce an offering that is superior in quality, or they may compete on price in a way that others can’t. Alternatively, they may simply have better relationships with supermarket buyers, a fact that you can’t really do much to change.

Studying your competition requires understanding these factors and more. Get to know who the players are in the markets you’re aiming at. Doing so might require an investment of time and money on your end, but these investments will reap returns once you decide to take action and begin the process of active distribution.

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In the effort of learning the most you can about your competition, ask the following basic questions:

  • Where do my competitors sell the most?
  • Which of their products are the most successful?
  • How much more (or less) do they charge for a comparable product?
  • What is the value proposition stated or implied on their packaging (what is the branding message)?
  • When are their optimal selling seasons?

The retail professionals at Dynamic Retail Solutions can help you arrive at these answers and more – remember not to be shy in reaching out for market research assistance if needed.

Find and Cultivate a Distribution Partner Relationship

One key reason why many food producers end up successful selling into supermarkets is because they are able to locate and foster partner relationships. These relationships open doors for new distribution channels that might otherwise go overlooked. You might be producing the best product available today at a great price, but without the right distribution partnership, you’re probably going to run into significant issues as you try to make your way into supermarkets on your own.

The truth is that many supermarket chains in Australia prefer to deal with distributors over individual producers. However, this shouldn’t be seen as a roadblock; rather, it’s an opportunity for you to find the right distribution partner who can work with you to help realize the potential your product or products have.

For a Faster Route to Supermarket Shelves, Contact Dynamic Retail Solutions

When the time is right for you to break into the retail supermarket space, the industry professionals at Dynamic Retail Solutions are here to help. Contact Steve Wooten on +61 424 503 837 to learn more about how we can put the power of our supermarket buyer relationships to work for you.