What to Consider in Developing Private Label Food Products

Private Label Food Products

With Amazon rolling out its own private label products in 2016 and big box retailers increasing their food sales through outsourced supply chains, large retailers are actively seeking more private label food products.

For producers and importers, connecting with the right stores is important. And not only that but great planning too. This is pivotal in the development of private label food products. It’s important to meet their needs. And once you respond to their retail needs, the potential growth is staggering.

Development of Private Label Food Products — How Dynamic Retail Can Help

So, are you considering developing a private label food product? Well, our experienced team can discuss this with you. You’ll discover whether it’s a good fit for your business.

In developing and distributing private label products consider:

  • what other national food brands have recently released a product? And have they gained traction in the market?
  • your target company’s competitors. How will your product improve the company’s competitiveness?
  • what items can you provide? Are they natural complements to other specific retailer’s products?
  • what’s the potential location of your items? Do you know the amount of shelf space needed?
  • are the packaging and design clear? And will it be able to sell itself if a customer sees it on the shelf?
  • producing most private label products is inexpensive!
  • the habits of Australian shoppers as polled by Nielsen are slightly unpredictable as they have no preference in grocery stores and show less loyalty to things they perceive as private labels as such making packaging and branding even more important.

That may sound like a lot to consider, but that’s why Dynamic Retail Solutions are here to help.

We offer merchandising and sales knowledge to both private label manufacturers and importers.

Our connections include Woolworths, Coles, Kmart, Aldi and other of Australia’s largest retailers. We also have connections with independents. So, this ensures your products get to the right customers.

The Process

As rewarding as developing a private label product can be, it’s a huge undertaking and so it requires significant planning.

Therefore, working with retailers to develop packaging, marketing, and a desired finished product requires a systematic approach that’s flexible to their feedback.

In addition, our team including Pete & Steve talk the language buyers know and are comfortable with.

As part of our private label development process we:

  1. Meet with you to confirm development needs.
  2. Discuss with the retail buyers their future direction & what food & beverage products they need.
  3. Create a market overview.
  4. Review the market for desirable private label opportunity gaps.
  5. Work alongside you to develop the identified private label products.
  6. Create a marketing plan to launch a product or products in partnership with the retailer.
  7. Work with the retailer to bring the product or products to market.

In addition to food & beverage items seen throughout Australian grocery stores, we also serve the many other private labels industries too.

For assistance with private label development or to discuss further whether it’s a good fit for your company, give us today.