Things You Should Know About Australian Take Away Coffee Culture

3 Things You Should Know About Australian Take Away Coffee Culture

What things should you really know about Australian Take Away Coffee Culture? Australian Coffee culture is one of the most advanced in the world. Australians care about the quality and the taste of their coffee. We also encourage café owners to be as personal and unique. We love this personal and unique culture, we spend our weekends exploring this cafe world, trying to find the best new spot to enjoy our favourite beverage. Australia’s take coffee very seriously. Although Italian migrants introduced espresso coffee in the post-World War II period, it wasn’t until the 1990s that Aussies’ obsession began. So what else do you need to know…

  1. Australian coffee is basically a way of life – People are breathing, feeling and dreaming of it. It’s ok to love it from the bottom of your heart, maybe also to pay a little bit more to ensure it’s amazing and even walk a bit further to get to your favourite café. For the perfect Australian coffee experience everything needs to be just right from the venue to the texture and artwork of the cup in your hand. Interestingly, Starbucks, which dominates markets around the world, could not gain traction here in Australia. After opening its first Australian cafe in 2000, the chain had set up in 84 locations by 2008, in 2008 the company closed 61 cafes. The coffee in the little cafes around Australia is too good, and Starbucks could not compete.

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2. We love anything different, new or unique –  95% of the cafés throughout Australia are independently owned, which means almost every café looks and feels different. I’ve always been a huge fan of unique, personal and fun cafés, where you can actually see the owners’ personality. That kind of places are usually very welcoming, cozy and interesting to say the least. They make you want to stay there forever, or at least a few hours, and enjoy your coffee and breakfast in peace while reading a newspaper or watching people walking by. One way that a café can be unique and stand out amongst the competition is with a unique, custom made takeaway coffee cup with either their branding or an interesting form of artwork.

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3. Find your own ideas – If people are passionate about something, it creates a great platform for new ideas. Love for something makes you want to make it your own. Australia is the proud owner of the flat white coffee, which has even started turning up in the cafes of New York and London. When they invented the flat white coffee. They wanted to have a coffee that they can call their own and that caresses their taste buds. Innovation is one of the most exciting parts of running a café of your own in Melbourne.

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