Discover your Network of Surplus Stock Buyers

At first, surplus stock in your warehouse can seem like nothing more than a hindrance. A frustrating problem that means you’re paying out more for storage solutions when the truth is that you’re not making much in profits, to begin with.

Depending on your industry and what you sell, the excess stock can take on a range of forms – from a seasonal item that simply doesn’t seem to move from the shelves to an exuberant over-purchase that was made under the assumption that you’d be able to make your money back in days. Regardless of the shape or size that it comes in, however – excess stock can be a serious problem.

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Excess Stock? Don’t Let It Drain Your Profits!

Excess Inventory

Is your current situation with excess stock dragging your business down? Perhaps you ordered a lot of materials from a large company, then suddenly an order fell through. On the other hand, you might find that your new products on supermarket shelves aren’t moving as quickly as you want them to.

Excess inventory can be a serious problem for any business. Not only does it leave you unable to grow your company, but it has a pretty significant impact on your finances too. However, figuring out what to do with excess items can be quite a dilemma. Selling what you’ve got now through normal channels in sales or bundles might be out of the question – particularly if you have sales targets to meet.

Following, we’ll give you just a few suggestions for how you can prevent excess stock from draining your profits. From bundles, to tax write-offs, to simply asking for help.

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