Creating a Successful Food Pitch for your Buying Showcase

Want to expand your food business into international markets?

An international buyer showcase can be the perfect way to do just that. You simply invite potential buyers from your chosen region to come along a test your product, examine your business, and consider your value. However, there’s more to successfully selling an international product than letting people taste some great food. You also need to pitch yourself to prospective buyers.

The process of getting onto the international shelf can be one of the most frustrating tasks for food entrepreneurs – because it often has very little to do with the food you’re selling. Yes, you need to provide something that tastes good, but you also need to convince the buyers in your international market that you’re going to deliver the growth and profits that they need to thrive. After all, it’s not just you that wants to make money!

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The 5 Essential Tips to a Successful Food Product Launch

Thinking of launching a new food product in an existing, or untouched market? Then you’re in luck!

Food is one of the most effective products to sell anywhere on the planet – because everyone wants it, and everyone needs it.

Of course, launching your new product in today’s highly competitive market is going to take some planning and careful consideration. You’re bringing your product into an already saturated field, which means that you need to consider your options with a great deal of commitment, hard work, and the right team at your side. It’s important not only to understand who you’re going to be marketing to, but what they buy, and why they buy it.

Following, we’ll offer some of the essential tips to a successful food product launch, taken from our experience in working with manufacturers over the years.

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Aussie Export Success Story: Montana Confectionery

Left to Right: Dianne, Shaylenne, Warren, Melissa & Ann from Montana Confectionery in Bayswater, Victoria who are about to commence exporting their Australian Made confectionery products to China.

Dynamic Retail Solutions partners with Montana Confectionery to export Australian Made products to China.

Meet Warren French, his wife Shaylenne and the team at Montana Confectionery. This relatively small business based in Melbourne’s east is owned by Warren and Shaylenne and has been in their family for over 30 years.

Montana has never exported a single packet of their Aussie Made confectionery. That is until now!

Warren was looking to grow his business and engaged the team at Dynamic Retail Solutions.

Steve Wootten, owner, and co-founder of Dynamic Retail Solutions, is an ex Coles Supermarkets Senior Buyer and has been in the retail game for 30 years.

Jeff Gordon is the Export Director at Dynamic Retail Solutions and together they shared a mission to break Montana Confectionery into one of the world’s largest consumer markets … China!

Whilst this was no small goal, the team had a very clear vision and devised a step-by- step plan to range Warren and Shaylenne’s Aussie Made confectionery into petrol station outlets across China.

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