What to Consider in Developing Private Label Food Products

Private Label Food Products

With Amazon rolling out its own private label products in 2016 and big box retailers increasing their food sales through outsourced supply chains, large retailers are actively seeking more private label food products.

For producers and importers, connecting with the right stores is important. And not only that but great planning too. This is pivotal in the development of private label food products. It’s important to meet their needs. And once you respond to their retail needs, the potential growth is staggering.

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Aussie Export Success Story: Montana Confectionery

Left to Right: Dianne, Shaylenne, Warren, Melissa & Ann from Montana Confectionery in Bayswater, Victoria who are about to commence exporting their Australian Made confectionery products to China.

Dynamic Retail Solutions partners with Montana Confectionery to export Australian Made products to China.

Meet Warren French, his wife Shaylenne and the team at Montana Confectionery. This relatively small business based in Melbourne’s east is owned by Warren and Shaylenne and has been in their family for over 30 years.

Montana has never exported a single packet of their Aussie Made confectionery. That is until now!

Warren was looking to grow his business and engaged the team at Dynamic Retail Solutions.

Steve Wootten, owner, and co-founder of Dynamic Retail Solutions, is an ex Coles Supermarkets Senior Buyer and has been in the retail game for 30 years.

Jeff Gordon is the Export Director at Dynamic Retail Solutions and together they shared a mission to break Montana Confectionery into one of the world’s largest consumer markets … China!

Whilst this was no small goal, the team had a very clear vision and devised a step-by- step plan to range Warren and Shaylenne’s Aussie Made confectionery into petrol station outlets across China.

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Let’s go Global: Why Export your Food Products?

Why should you bother exporting food?

Especially when you could focus on developing your local market instead?

Sure, connecting with a nearby audience is generally easier. But no-one ever said that running a successful business should be simple. Exporting your food products allows you to magnify your sales potential by astronomical amounts. And this gives you a level of competitiveness you could never do at home.

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Sales Agent vs Food Brokers for Food Products?

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… So Today’s Topic!

Food Sales Agents versus Food Broker Companies – What’s the difference, I hear you ask?

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Stuck with Excess Inventory? Here’s How to Sell Excess Inventory

One of the biggest problems to face any manufacturer or retailer is inventory and specifically TOO MUCH inventory or inventory that they can’t get rid of.

Sure, we do our best to order just the right amounts, not too much, not too little, but it doesn’t always go to plan, and retailers/manufacturers are often left with lots of inventory that just isn’t moving …

This is bad for business. This is disastrous for cash flow.

But most importantly, when you take your focus off the business, everything stops, and that’s not good.

So if you are really struggling to clear your excess stock inventory, then we can help.

So what can you do? Well, there’s a few options.

  1. You can keep dropping the price of your stock until it sells.
  2. You can liquidate it for a bottom of the barrel price.
  3. You can throw it away.
  4. You can try and find someone to help you move it …

Now we’re onto something.

Introducing Dynamic Retail Solutions excess inventory services!

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How Much Do Food Brokers Cost?

How much do food brokers make?

Here at Dynamic Retail Solutions, one of the first questions that we’re always asked is “how much do you charge?”

And it’s a valid question of course.

Like any service of value, a Food Broker brings many benefits to both existing & new businesses food and beverage business.

Dynamic Retail Solutions provides FMCG manufacturers food & beverage brokerage services. We assist companies to grow into the future, irrespective of the size of that business or where they are at in their business journey.

We are Australia’s leading food and beverage broker company & for good reason.

The reason we can achieve such high standards of service & maintain them is because we only work with a select number of brands per year.

This strategy, allows us to focus on delivering amazing results for our clients, which directly impacts the sales of products for the selected businesses, that we work with.

We’ll work with you to manage and present your products to retailers. This ensures that your products have a presence in the market & therefore achieve sales success.

It’s important to realise that our founders Steve & Pete, have worked in this industry for 50+ years. They know the buyers very well & the buyers know them. They understand the retail from end-to-end.

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